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Coming to a small town named Roč in the middle of norther Istria you will be welcomed by a beautiful scenery bathed in sunshine where the smile of friendly people, chimping of the free birds invite you to stop for a moment in this unique place. Form many tourist and those interested in history and glagolitic alphabet, visiting Roč has become a must.Roč was founded in prehistoric times and since then it has been attracting its visitors with its beauty, harmony and peace. Therefore it has been proclaimed and protected as a cultural site of exceptional importance.

The house where is apartment Pino situated

It is situated on a hill by the road that takes you to Trieste from Rijeka via Koper, Buzet and Učka tunnel.

It provides its visitors with an abundance of facilities that make for a pleasant stay and a relaxing holiday in nature.

Besides enjoying a breathtaking view of the landscape , reach our beautiful slopes enables you to take part in many activities including:

Famous climbing Kompanj

-         mountaineering and hiking

-         riding a bike on a cyling track

-         visiting vineyard area

-         going in for extreme sports

-         going paragliding from the airfield named Raspadalica

-         free climbing on the fascinating rocks of Kompanj and nearby slopes of Sopot and Mirna valley

-         riding a horse

-         hunting

-         creating your own fresco in the only fresco workshop in Croatia and with a help from the experts you can make a unique souvenir that you can take home to remind you of Roč and Istria

In Roč and the neighbouring villages you can enjoy the dishes regarded as the local Istrian delicacies.

Besides the fresco workshop and the inns , in Roč there are a shop, a post office, several cafes, a school and a cash dispenser (a cashpoint). You can also have a look at a few family museums , churches and the exhibition area of the Little Glagolitic Academy or take your children to the playground.

Roč is also a starting point for those setting off on a tour called Glagolitic Alley which takes you to the gates of the smallest town in the world named Hum.

Following the rout you will come upon large stone sculptures representing glagolitic letters. You shouldn’t miss visiting the enchanting place called Kotle where you can hike along a stream with picturesque cascades and water- mills.

The mountain Učka with the area called Ćićarija (is situaded above) overlooks Roč and its landscape can be a goodchoice of place to relax.

Nine kilometers west of Roč there’s the city of Buzet with all the facilities of a town a surgery, a bank, a post office and a supermarket. It is famous for being known as the city of truffles.

Mirna valley has become a health resort with its Istrian Spa thermal spring which enables you to feel the beneficial effect of sulhor, steam and mud bath that can relieve the rheumatic pain and the problems of endocrine system.

In only thirty minutes by car you can reach the seaside and the well- known sea resort of Opatija, Rabac, Umag, Poreč and Rovinj.

Suite accommodation Facilities

The apartment is suitable for one to five people. It’s well equipped for a pleasant stay

Roč from apartment

It’s situated on the first floor of a family house and it consists of two bedroom, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom with a toilet, a balcony, a veranda and a parking lot.

The apartment is equipped with cooker (using gas or electricity), an owen, a fridge, a microwave oven, a coffee machine, a TV set, a radio, a satellite TV, wireless Internet, air-condition, central heating, linen and towels.

The house itself is ssurrounded by greenery and the vicinity of the local playground makes it suitable for families with children. You can stay here troughout the year.

The guests are welcomed by home-made cakes and drinks upon their arrival.

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